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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017

Anna University results are announced and following this revaluation of answer papers will be allowed. The Anna Unvarsity examinations of 2017 will be conducting its examinations twice this year and Anna University revaluation of 2017 will also happen twice a year. One for the results announced for the semester examinations conducted in Nov-Dec 2016 and the other for the University examinations being conducted in May-June 2017.

The Revaluation Process:

The revaluation process begins right after the examination results are announced. Once the results are announced online, students are expected to check them. They have to check the internal marks, the external marks, and the total. Then they are expected to wait till the printouts of the answers reach their respective colleges. After checking the internal marks, the external marks, and the total with the printout, the students can decide to proceed for revaluation. Revaluation can be done for internal marks, if there is an entry mismatch. Internal marks are provided by the college in which the student studies, and are a result of continuous assessment throughout the course. Hence, they can be changed only if there is a mismatch between what was sent by the college and what is printed on the exam result.
For external marks, the student has to fill out a form which lists the details of the courses in which he or she is seeking revaluation. They have to then get a bank draft for the payment to be made. Remember, for every course in which revaluation is sought, the University will levy a charge. Once they deposit the form along with a proof of payment of the charges, the University will process the request for revaluation. A different examiner will go through the paper, check the totals, and also if there is any discrepancy in the marks awarded. In case there is any error, they will publish the changed result else the older result will remain.

For whom is the Anna University Revaluation of 2017 important?

  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 and its results are of paramount importance for every student who applies for revaluation during this time. A successful revaluation will mean that there will be an increase in their marks, and hence their overall CGPA as well.
  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 will have serious repercussions on the career and future of final year students specifically. This is so because these revaluation results will be for either their second last semester or last semester examinations or for any arrear paper which they had given. So, it will play an immediate role in their hiring process or further studies applications.
  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 will be of consequence to all the recruiters who have employed students who have given the examinations. It will have an impact on their decision making and salary offered as well.

Anna University Results:

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017 :

The results of the revaluation are usually published both on the website and sent as a hardcopy to both the college and the student who had applied for revaluation. One can apply for revaluation, if one is very confident that there has been an error in the valuation, and is sure of the fact that he/ she will get more marks than what had been published. Also, one needs to keep in mind that there is an additional fee involved and hence it should be worth it.

Anna University Revaluation: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Apply for revaluation only if you are doubly sure that you did very well and the marks you deserve are definitely more than what you have got.
  • Do not apply for revaluation in the hope that you may pass, if you have done your exam poorly!
  • Remember that you have to pay charges for revaluation and so use the process only when you are certainAlso remember, if you get lesser marks than before after the revaluation, the lesser marks stay!
To summarize, the revaluation process of Anna University in 2017 will be the same as it has been in the last few years. It has a student centric approach and will be staying the same!

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