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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017

Anna University results are announced and following this revaluation of answer papers will be allowed. The Anna Unvarsity examinations of 2017 will be conducting its examinations twice this year and Anna University revaluation of 2017 will also happen twice a year. One for the results announced for the semester examinations conducted in Nov-Dec 2016 and the other for the University examinations being conducted in May-June 2017.

The Revaluation Process:

The revaluation process begins right after the examination results are announced. Once the results are announced online, students are expected to check them. They have to check the internal marks, the external marks, and the total. Then they are expected to wait till the printouts of the answers reach their respective colleges. After checking the internal marks, the external marks, and the total with the printout, the students can decide to proceed for revaluation. Revaluation can be done for internal marks, if there is an entry mismatch. Internal marks are provided by the college in which the student studies, and are a result of continuous assessment throughout the course. Hence, they can be changed only if there is a mismatch between what was sent by the college and what is printed on the exam result.
For external marks, the student has to fill out a form which lists the details of the courses in which he or she is seeking revaluation. They have to then get a bank draft for the payment to be made. Remember, for every course in which revaluation is sought, the University will levy a charge. Once they deposit the form along with a proof of payment of the charges, the University will process the request for revaluation. A different examiner will go through the paper, check the totals, and also if there is any discrepancy in the marks awarded. In case there is any error, they will publish the changed result else the older result will remain.

For whom is the Anna University Revaluation of 2017 important?

  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 and its results are of paramount importance for every student who applies for revaluation during this time. A successful revaluation will mean that there will be an increase in their marks, and hence their overall CGPA as well.
  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 will have serious repercussions on the career and future of final year students specifically. This is so because these revaluation results will be for either their second last semester or last semester examinations or for any arrear paper which they had given. So, it will play an immediate role in their hiring process or further studies applications.
  • Anna University revaluation of 2017 will be of consequence to all the recruiters who have employed students who have given the examinations. It will have an impact on their decision making and salary offered as well.

Anna University Results:

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017

Anna University Revaluation Results 2017 :

The results of the revaluation are usually published both on the website and sent as a hardcopy to both the college and the student who had applied for revaluation. One can apply for revaluation, if one is very confident that there has been an error in the valuation, and is sure of the fact that he/ she will get more marks than what had been published. Also, one needs to keep in mind that there is an additional fee involved and hence it should be worth it.

Anna University Revaluation: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Apply for revaluation only if you are doubly sure that you did very well and the marks you deserve are definitely more than what you have got.
  • Do not apply for revaluation in the hope that you may pass, if you have done your exam poorly!
  • Remember that you have to pay charges for revaluation and so use the process only when you are certainAlso remember, if you get lesser marks than before after the revaluation, the lesser marks stay!
To summarize, the revaluation process of Anna University in 2017 will be the same as it has been in the last few years. It has a student centric approach and will be staying the same!

Anna University B.E / B.Tech 8th Semester Results 2017

Anna University Results

Anna University B.E / B.Tech 8th semester results will be of importance for the students who have given these examinations. 8th semester students are typically final year students and the outcomes of the results will influence their further course of action. Anna University B.E / B.Tech 8th semester results of 2017 was announced on 09-06- 2017 at 07:45 PM. The results will be published in the university website as follow.
These results will bear a consequence on the overall CGPA of the students. They will be of utmost importance to every student who gave the examination. Additionally, they will be of importance to recruiters who will visit the campus for recruitment. These recruiters come from various MNCs both software and core hardware.  Their intention is to recruit such of those students who score and do well in the examinations. This year’s recruiters will surely be paying heed to the Anna University results of the final year students as they would like to on board top performers.There are minimum scores to be got in order to pursue a post graduation or work in a corporate organization.

Anna University MCA Results May / June 2017

Anna University

Anna University offers a competitive MCA degree program apart from its engineering degree courses. This MCA degree is available in both the full time and part-time route. In the full time mode, the MCA degree runs for three years and 6 semesters, since the university follows a semester pattern.
Anna University MCA results of 2017 will be announced twice, the first being around this time of the year. Usually, the results will be published on the official website of the university. Hard copies will be dispatched to all the affiliated colleges and will reach them within 10 days of online publication of the results. Mark sheets and consolidated mark sheets will be dispatched a month or two later.

Anna University MCA Results 2017

Anna University MCA results of 2017 will play a role in determining the future of every student who is enrolled in the course. The fact that an MCA degree is a master’s course and all the papers are tough enhances the importance given to the course and its results in the industry. Usually the IT industry is a major seeker of MCA graduates as the course will equip them with the essentials needed to work in a software firm.
Given the relevance of Anna University MCA results of 2017, it makes immense sense for the students to pay heed and accordingly prepare for the exams in order to pass out in flying colours. Every MCA degree aspirant will stand to gain if they prepare with utmost seriousness and work hard to gain success!
Anna University MCA Results
Grade System (Chennai-Madurai) – Anna University MCA Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Coimbatore) – Anna University MCA Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Trichy-Tirunelveli) – Anna University MCA Results May / June 2017
Mark System – Anna University MCA Results May / June 2017.
Anna University Official Result Portals

Anna University MBA Results May / June 2017

Anna University

Anna University is an academic institution known for its excellence in provisioning engineering and technical education. The fact that it also has a solid MBA program is a little known fact. Anna University also has a very efficient MBA program which is offered by many of its affiliated colleges as well.
The MBA program is offered both in full time and part-time mode. The full time program runs for 2 years and four semesters. Every semester, examinations are given. Anna University MBA results of 2017 will be announced twice. The first time around this time of year for the examinations conducted towards the end of 2015. The next set of results will be announced during July and August, for the examinations conducted in April and May.

Anna University MBA Results 2017

Anna University MBA results of 2017 will be impacting every semester student as the MBA program is a post-graduate course in which every score is of high relevance. Not only does it directly affect the CGPA, but it also affects the recruitment. Recruiters for MNC and Government organizations come seeking for fresh MBA graduates from Anna University. Hence Anna University MBA results of 2017 will take great importance for every MBA pursuant.
Anna University MBA results of 2017 will be published online, in the university portal. Students can access it by using their unique student id. They have to wait till the hard copy reaches their institution before they can apply for any re-evaluation or re-checking.
Anna University MBA Results
Grade System (Chennai-Madurai) – Anna University MBA May / June 2017
Grade System (Coimbatore) – Anna University MBA May / June 2017
Grade System (Trichy-Tirunelveli) – Anna University MBA Results May / June 2017
Mark System – Anna University MBA Results May / June 2017.
Anna University Official Result Portals

Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results May / June 2017

Anna University

Anna University is a premier central university located in the state of Tamilnadu. The university offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses. The post graduate courses lead to an M.E or M.Tech degree. Usually M.E and M.Tech course work is for either 2 years. The university follows a semester pattern.
Anna University M.E results of 2017 will be announced twice a year and so will the Anna University M.Tech results of 2017. The results will be first published online and then the hard copies will be sent to the affiliated colleges. Students are usually recommended to wait till the hard copies reach the college before they look at applying for re-evaluation of their answer scrips, in case of need.

Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results 2017

Anna University M.E results 2017 and Anna University M.Tech results 2017 will be first published in the university portal. They will also be available on certain affiliate portals. Students can view their results by accessing through their roll numbers. Since M.E and M.Tech courses are post graduate courses and are for serious scholars, these results will have a high value. A good score in the examinations increases the prospects of both a good job and a good university to pursue further future studies. Anna University M.E results of 2017 and Anna University M.Tech results of 2017 form the basis for recruiters recruiting highly qualified man power. They are also the basis through which foreign universities select candidates for PhD!
Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results
Grade System (Chennai-Madurai) – Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Coimbatore) – Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Trichy-Tirunelveli) – Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results May / June 2017
Mark System – Anna University M.E / M.Tech Results May / June 2017.
Anna University Official Result Portals
Anna University B.E / B.Tech results 2017 for the examinations conducted in the months of May / June 2017  will be announced in the near future. The Anna University B.E results 2017 and Anna University B.Tech results 2017 are very important for all the undergraduates pursuing their degree under Anna University.
Anna University Logo
The university has colleges across the state and hence thousands of aspiring graduates wait expectantly for their results. This year the Anna University B.E results 2017 and Anna University B.Tech results 2017 will be published around the month of July. The Anna University B.E Results of 2017 and Anna University B.Tech Results of 2017 will be given out after a stringent evaluation process. The University follows a centralized evaluation pattern in which evaluators conjoin at a place and evaluate answer papers according to a key. The actual date of the announcement of Anna University B.E results 2017 and Anna University B.Tech results 2017 will be published in leading newspapers. The results will be published on the university website as well as on popular portals. Students have to just key in their roll numbers to view their results.
Anna University is the central university of engineering graduate and undergraduate studies in the state of Tamilnadu, where most colleges teach the syllabus prescribed the university. The Anna University conducted examination twice in a year on the months April, May, June and November, December, January for the culmination of the semester.

Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results May / June 2017

Anna University can announce results twice in a year, once during the end of February and the other at the end of August. Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results of April/May 2017 Examinations will be published today (11-07-2017) by 10:30 PM . Once the results can published students can view their results through the university portal.

Check Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results
Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results
Grade System (Chennai-Madurai) – Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Coimbatore) – Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results May / June 2017
Grade System (Trichy-Tirunelveli) – Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results May / June 2017
Mark System – Anna University B.E / B.Tech Results May / June 2017.
Anna University Official Result Portals

Saturday, 9 September 2017

About Anna University :

Anna University is a premier engineering and technical course university for the state of Tamilnadu. Most colleges of the state are affiliated to it. Anna University offers both under-graduate and post graduate courses to the students. Anna University is the centralized engineering university to which most of the engineering colleges in the state of Tamilnadu are affiliated to. Many hundreds of thousands of students across the state are pursuing their engineering studies in Anna University. Anna University conducts semester examinations twice a year and the results are announced in the subsequent months.


Anna University Official Websites :

Anna Universityclick here to view
Anna University Results Mobile Websiteclick here to view
Anna University Internal Marksclick here to view
Anna University Controller of Examinationsclick here to view
Anna University Resultsclick here to view
Anna University Distance Educationclick here to view

Anna University Results:

Anna University April / May 2017 Results

Anna University Exams :

Anna University examination results 2017 for the recently completed even semester will be announced during the period in between June and July. Students can access their Anna University results of 2017 through the university website using their login credentials.The university follows a semester pattern and results are announced twice a year, at separate dates for both the UG and PG courses.
Anna University UG exam results for 2017 will be announced at the end of June and December. Anna University PG exam results for 2017 will be announced in early July and January next year. The exact date of announcement will be communicated through public and private news mediums.
YearPass Percentage

How to Check Anna University Results on Website ?


  • In coe1 Homepage enter you REGISTER NoDate Of BirthSolve easy Calculation and click on on Login Button.
  • Click on RESULTS TAB. Here in Results Tab, you’ll be able to check your latest revealed might June 2017 Semester results alongside the GPA for that semester.

  • If you would like the paper copy of your result, then you’ll be able to simply take print out of the results from the portal itself.

How to Check Anna University Results on Android app ?

ulx App Anna University Results
  • Fill the Registration Number, Data of Birth and Solve the Problem.
  • Click Submit Button.
  • Now you Can View the Exam Results.
Student’s Corner App
Anna University Student's Corner App Results
  • Fill the Register No and D.O.B.
  • Click Submit Button.
  • Select the Results link.
  • Now you will view the results.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Anna University New Syllabus Pattern 2017-18 - Generating 

Employment Opportunities

New Syllabus Pattern 2017 Anna University

Anna University has decided to introduce new syllabus for all the students who are joining in the upcoming academic years. To generate the employment opportunities for the students University decided to frame the syllabus.Hence, This syllabus is expected come into force by the year 2017-18.

University Official said that, There are 400 staffs working on framing the new syllabus pattern. Every 4 year ones, University used to revised the regulation pattern for all affiliated colleges. Due to lack of Employment Opportunities prevailing across the state, we have decided to revise the pattern. Hence, All subjects for both UG and PG will have new syllabus pattern from next academic year. Officials also added that " Students can choose their elective by their own interest." For instance, If a Civil Engineering Students wish to Study a Electrical Engineering Subject, He can choose that subject as an elective. This New syllabus pattern will come into existence after getting approval.

Highlights of Regulation 2017 Syllabus Exam Patterns :

Students must re-register, reappear

Anna University has done away with the system of arrears from the current academic year. Instead, students would have to re-register and reappear for exams they had not passed in a semester, when the subject is offered next.

The students must, however, appear for all the internal tests held for the subject through the semester and may sit in a class when the subject is being taught if they wish, but it is not compulsory. The rule comes into force in all affiliated colleges from the current academic year that starts on September 1, said T.V. Geetha, Dean, College of Engineering.

New courses introduced

Based on the guidelines issued by the All India Council for Technical Education, the University has introduced new categories of courses in humanities and social sciences; basic sciences; engineering sciences; professional core; and professional electives. The University will also offer open electives, courses from other branches of BE/B Tech, which a student can choose from a list specified in the curriculum.

Candidates will be offered a set of employability enhancement courses such as internship, participation in seminars, professional practices, summer project, case study and industrial/practical training as part of the curriculum.

A set of value added courses has also been introduced. The courses will be listed in the mark list with a grade. These courses should be in addition to the total credit requirement prescribed in the curriculum required for a degree. The courses should not include areas already covered as core or elective.

Students may take one online course from the list approved by the Centre for Academic courses. Students will be evaluated through end-semester exams that will be conducted by Anna University.

Students would be allowed to register only for 36 credit hours in the third year (5th and 6th semester); including the courses they may have failed.
Take industry projects in final semester
Anna University students can now undertake industry projects or research projects in their final semesters for a period of six months, given they finish their final semester earlier.

The university's academic council decided this on Wednesday. It announced that students who have a CGPA of 7.5 and above, can pursue their final semester project work through any institute for six months, provided they complete the semester work by their sixth and seventh semesters.
In the meeting, it was also decided that students can also skip an elective and avail equivalent course credits from an online course, recognised by the Council for Academic courses. The 22nd academic council meeting also ruled that a value added credit system will be in place "keeping in trend with the education system followed presently".

For UG 


       Download Here R2017 (B.E , B.TECH, B.Arch.) FULL TIME - I & II Semesters

For PG

Latest Anna University Workshops and seminars

1One Day Seminar on Ceramic Composites - Dept. of Ceramic Technology - ACT
1Two day workshop on AVR (Atmega 16) for Robotic Application (ARA 2017) - Dept. of Production Tech. - MIT
1Workshop on MAKE IN INDIA - Transforming Research to Reality - CTDT
1Two Day Workshop on Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation - Dept. of ECE
1Two Day National Workshop on Cognitive Computing Technologies and Applications - Dept. of CSE
1Recruitment of JRF - Centre for Excellence in Bio-Medical Applications (CEMA)
1Application for the post of Assistant Professor (On Tenure Basis - 6 months) - Dept. of Architecture - SAP Campus
1Two Days Workshop on Optimization Techniques for Image Processing Applications - Dept. of ECE - AURCCBE
1Employability Skill Training Programmes - AURC - Tirunelveli
1Additional Rules and Regulations for Sports Participation from 2017-18 - AUSB
1Recruitment of JRF - Centre for Food Technology
1National Level Technical Symposium ELECTRIC VYUHAAH'17 - UCE, Thoothukudi
1II nd International Conference on Intelligent Information Technologies (ICIIT 2017)- CEG
1Two Days Course on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - CAD/CAM
1One Day Training Programmes - Lean Manufacturing Statistical Process Control Design of Experiments / Design for Six Sigma / The 5 'S' System
13 Lean Six Sigma Certificate Training Programmes - Yellow Belt / Green Belt / Black Belt
1On Becoming A Leader - Through The 7 Habits Training Programme
1Create Habits for Research Through 7 Habits of Highly Effective Research Scholars
1Call for BIRAC Innovation Fellows - UIC  Brochure / Application Form - University Innovation Cluster - Centre for Biotechnology
1Two Days workshop on Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Applications - Centre for Medical Electronics
17th International & 28th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference 2018 (AIMTDR 2018)
1Inter Zonal Sports Calendar 2017-18
1Three Days Hands-on Training on Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning IPCVM'17 - Dept. of Electronics Engineering
1Industrial Engineering - International Conference - ICAIEA 2018 January 3-5 2018
1Black Belt Certificate Training Programme for Green Belt Holders
1Life Certificate 2017 - Teaching and Non-Teaching
1Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Scheme
1Anna University Intellectual Property Policy
1Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) - CTDT
1A ready reckoner for enhancing placement activities
1Students Quality Club Membership Open
1Govt. of Tamilnadu - Merit Scholarships to Minority students 2011-12
1WiFi Connectivity Registration for Students and Staff Members of University Departments